When I was 16, I thought I had the world figured out. I was young, wild, and foolish. But I turned over a new leaf once I hit 20. I understood that success life comes with a price.

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This first image is how everything really starts. You make time for your wants and needs, but should you? That’s the real question.

Please take a minute and watch this video.

The truth is, you can only make time for so many things. But let me break it down once more for you. If you’re just noticing this technique, you need to discipline yourself more. You have to understand that you can only have two things. The picture below is in correlation with college/school.


Sorry to tell you, but if want to be independent, and successful, you have to give up some parts of your ‘extra’ life. For me, i gave my up a lot of things, including my social life. I decided to keep the only things important to me… my job, and my family.

I hope I didn’t discourage you all, but I promise the results are worth it.

I called this the enlightenment process, where someone undergoes a positive lifestyle change.

This diagram only applies for the beginning phase until you’re good at managing your time. Then you can start balancing and juggling things again. But until then, keep striving and keep pushing to be the best!



Solar Eclipse: Evil Spirit Devouring the Sun

My mother said there’s an old folklore story that if females watch the eclipse because the ‘Dab noj hnub’ will take their future children/baby away from them

a hmong woman

solar eclipse Solar Eclipse (intographics | Pixabay)

Tomorrow an evil spirit will devour the sun and darkness will envelope North America before noon my time. Hmong folks historically pull out their drums–pounding away–to scare the spirit.

Dab noj hnub,” is the phrase for “solar eclipse.” It literally means “evil spirit devouring the sun.” Before science explained this natural phenomenon, a solar eclipse was a scary thing to witness. Many ancient civilizations, Hmong included, thought the sun was being swallowed. It represented calamity, whether to the present ruler or the village or anyone who looked up at the sky.

I first heard about an eclipse and dab noj hnub when I was in elementary school. When I brought home a note about an eclipse happening the following day, my mother and grams told me not to look up into the sky. “Because you have to go to school tomorrow, you must…

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An average person’s attention span is 8 sec.

To keep it short, I’ll be using this blog to inspire, motivate, and create laughter (because it’s the best kind of medicine there is).


To help people, and someday they can have the same effect on others; creating a domino effect.

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If you got this far of the blog, it means I’m not quite that bland, or you may read faster than the average Joe (me).


I believe that people need help, and you should help them in any way possible. Not only that, but get them to understand that help is something everybody can participate in.  So there’s two stories of an after-effect.

1. “Lisa” is appreciative of my efforts and starts helping out others.
2. Lisa checks one item off her to-do list, and continues on her journey.

The first one is the most desirable outcome, but has the lowest success rate. It may be that I’ve been helping out the stubborn community (millennials), and their minds are harder to shift since they’re more focused on social media or society’s next big thing. But I’ll eventually enlighten “Lisa”. May be today… maybe tomorrow… or maybe next year, but I’ve take up on this life’s purpose for a reason, and giving up is not an option.

The second scenario is my biggest hurdle. Greed is an entity which is within us all. The truth is, we can never get rid of our own selfishness, but we can embrace it and be selfish on things which we improve on. Be selfish about doing things you hate/dislike. Be selfish, don’t let someone (1) washes your dishes, (2) cooks for you, (3) drives for you, (4) or opens the door for you, do them yourself!  I promise doing these small changes will make you a better individual.

This viral inspirational video will give you an idea of my logic/reasoning.


I can’t stress how badly I want to help enlighten other people… believe it or not, I was helped by someone with this notion. Someone who I can never repay back, but I can help others and pass the message along. Okay, well that’s it for today. I love you all, and talk to you soon.

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